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The first of two Delta’s is now behind us. The weather cooperated with weather that was just plain great. Of course you couldn’t believe the weather forecast, calling for 15 mile per hour winds.

We were forced to change venues due to our chosen lake, New Melones, was down to a dirt ramp requiring 4 wheel drive to launch. The top Basser placed 2nd last month with the big fish, Won March Pedro and Big fish, and also had a big fish on another circuit.

I’d say he’s ON FIRE! 20.09 pounds to be exact!

Walt Austin is the man to look out for at our next Delta gathering in June.
Congratulations Walt.

But even with that great sack, he didn’t bring in the big one. Leave that to his partner, Ron Barksdale to bring in a 7.88!

2nd place was Scott Smith, our Pres with 17.21. Notice the hat? Nuff said….

3rd was ever high placing at this water, Dan Marshall with 16.56

4th was Jesse Perez with 16.47

1st out of the money at fifth place, sponsored by Ed’s Marine, was yours truly. Thanks a bunch!

18 Limits were brought to the scales, and they all were very nice, you had to be in 17th place and below with less than 10 pounds.

See ya all at the next club meeting, be sure to be there to hear how they were caught.


The Year end Awards Dinner was a huge success. We all had a great time!

The pictures are posted on 'Fun Pics' tab

Jay Graham - Angler of the Year, Non-Boater of the Year

Morgan Swisher - Big Fish of the year (8.1), Sportsman of the Year

Chris Conway - Rookie of the Year


April at Clear Lake

Roy champ Did it!

Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner! Guess who brought in good bags both days at Clear Lake?

Why, That would be Roy Champ! 30.93 pounds. Way to go Roy!

Big Fish was Walt Austin with a huge 8.8 pounder. He’s on a roll!

5th place got First Out of the Money and a free tournament provided by Ed’s Marine.

Next up,. .  Sunrise is at 6:18. Check in 5:30 AM. We might see some big girls show up at the weigh in?

4/7/15 Meeting News:

Due to low water at Melones, The May Tournament will be at the Delta, same day.

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April Meeting
The April meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 7th at our normal location - Yosemite Falls Café on Highway 99 and Ashlan Ave. The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

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 The 2014 Bassmaster listed the Best 100 Bass Lakes in the country. ( Eight California lakes are on the list: Two that we fish frequently, Clear Lake made #2 and the Delta made #13. Also other California lakes on the list are: Lake Berryessa #22, Shasta #32, New Melones #51, Diamond Valley #53, Casitas #60, and Oroville # 63 .

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