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Club Members,

Fresno Bass Club Members:
Interesting tournament, to say the least. I got to fish the previous week leading up to the tournament and it was on again, off again all week. Sometimes it was just a dinkfest….. So when we took off Saturday with little wind (compared to last time-remember?), fog and low tide at 9 AM, we knew it would be a challenge. We started off in a fog and everyone was operating safely and there were no incidents. There was a lot of hyacinths in the water, so much that Ladds marina up in Stockton was closed, and everyone that prefished got to bring some of those pesky plants on their trailer back. Everyone caught lots of dinks and struggled. No one won the progressive pot!

Day one had Harold bringing in a great bag of 14.33 pounds to take the lead, but as we all know, day two can change everything. Harold jinxed himself by stating that he always falls on the second of two day tourneys, and it came true.

Day two’s weather was even more beautiful, well, after some more morning fog.

Scott Smith turned a 5th place day one to a Big Win on day 2! Day one was 10.13 and day 2 was 11.47. Congratulations Scott!

We had 24 anglers bringing in 18 limits, just didn’t get the size we all look for at the Delta.

Thanks again to Harold for continuing his chili bean pot luck. It is a great way to get everyone together to build the friendships we all have. We had too much food as usual and great company. This time we even had root beer floats. Thanks to all the members who contributed and those that showed up. I guess a big thanks to Phyllis Stewart who brought mosquito repellant, not sure if others also brought some, but I guess at sundown we weren’t the only ones eating dinner!

Some definitions of Fishing:
to search through, as by fishing.
To search carefully:
He fished through all his pockets but his wallet was gone.
To seek to obtain something indirectly or by artifice:
to fish for compliments; to fish for information.
Sometimes it doesn’t mean catching…….

The excuses:
The solar tables showed our weekend at the Delta to be the lowest fish activity.
The moon also was out, not a full moon, not a new moon, just a sliver.

For those of us that beat ourselves up occasionally for doing poorly in a tournament, just remember even Kevin Van Dam has had off days. Here’s a clipping from the latest BASS Times:


Next up, Don Pedro. (McClure was too low and the ramp was closed) .

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Don Pedro Sunday November 16

Check-in time to be announced at club mtg  ?AM - Checkin at top of parking area under the light at Flemming Meadows.

Sunrise is at 6:43 AM.

Get in the water and LETS GO CATCH EM...

Non-Boater fee is  $30

Sept Meeting
The Oct meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 7th at our normal location - Yosemite Falls Café on Highway 99 and Ashlan Ave. The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

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Save the date:

Club Classic on the Delta October 25 (the Saturday after our tournament) We need 6 teams

 The 2014 Bassmaster listed the Best 100 Bass Lakes in the country. ( Eight California lakes are on the list: Two that we fish frequently, Clear Lake made #2 and the Delta made #13. Also other California lakes on the list are: Lake Berryessa #22, Shasta #32, New Melones #51, Diamond Valley #53, Casitas #60, and Oroville # 63 .

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