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Happy New Year and Tight Lines

Members, (important info at bottom of newsletter)

TOC Winner: Roger Lockhart!

Well it’s been a different year for sure. There were many tournaments that we should have had bigger and more limits and bigger fish, and we have the talented anglers, but this year didn’t bring the results we were used to seeing. Attached are final results as well as the TOC results.

January at Pine Flat produced 11 limits for 17 anglers averaging 8.6 pounds. It was a beautiful day and people said they caught fish early and late. Roger was able to find the secret to take the honors of Winner with almost ten pounds(1st Roger Lockhart 9.77 lbs). Last 5 years, no one broke the 9 pound weight! Congratulation, Roger. The big fish was 2.43 caught by Jose, right in line with past big fish on this lake at this time of year of 2.45 in ’16, 2.01 in ’15, 2.0 in’14, and 2.48 in ’13.
17 anglers fished, 11 limits, with the smallest limit 6.45lbs, no blanks. One angler reported catching 3 limits but all the same sizes and couldn’t cull up as the bigger fish were in the morning, some reported they didn’t get their last fish until right before weigh in. Jigs, Hula Grubs, and plastics.

February started out decent at McClure with a decent bite with 14 anglers getting better than 9 pounds. Had a beautiful day on the lake, with the wind picking up in the afternoon that helped the bite. We had 23 limits out of 28 anglers. Greg Coy took a big lead from the back of the boat. Way to go!

March 2 day at Don Pedro brought 39 limits for 26 anglers. Well, Don Pedro is always interesting. Never know what to expect as we have had the best spawn fishing, the toughest bite fishing, hail storms in the afternoons, snow. Then we heard the results of that storm, that the road got washed out and our anglers had to come a different way (by way of Lake McClure) and even those roads had debris across them so caution was the word. Since there was also a Future Pro tournament with over a hundred boats, we tried to do the weigh-in on this floating dock (also they were doing work on the marina, so we couldn’t use that), but a storm shower/wind came at 2 and this ship was rockin like crazy. We then decided to do a drive-by weigh-in where we met in the morning, which worked out great. Day 1 had 23 limits from 26 anglers
Day 2 had 17 limits from 25 anglers.
Saturday was overcast. The bite Saturday was tough to get quality fish, as only 5 broke the 10 pound mark with the real exception for one Non-Boater Matt Kunz fishing on the back of his Dad’s boat. He brought in 18.80 pounds with a 6.14 big fish. Way to go Matt!
Sunday, the sun came out but the fishing pressure had given us an 7.13 average compared to Saturday 8.48. It turned out to a beautiful day. Joe Alanis brought in an impressive 16.47 pounds on day 2 with a 8.00 kicker that took the big fish honors and a huge pile ‘O Money! Everyone was hoping for that prize. SWEET!

April at Tulloch. What a great day! Even those small fish put up a great fight. 14 limits from 22 anglers.
2nd place was Bill Leavitt with 16.09 and a 7.42 Largemouth. Bill brought this great bag to the scales and for a very short time it seemed like he was a likely winner. After all, the Kerman Club had their tournament the day before and 12.59 was the winning weight with their biggest fish 3.24 pounds, But1st place goes to Danny Marshall with 21.07 and a HUGE big fish of 9.90 pounds! WOW!

May at Clear Lake Clear Lake! Always a fun tournament. The full moon was the Monday before, and typically 4 days before and after really is the big wave of spawners and many empty beds were found and another smaller wave of fish continued. The Wild West tour had 167 teams as well as 3 other clubs, and the FLW practicing for the following weekend, really pounded the water. Saturday, perfect weather, everybody had a limit but one. Sunday, Everyone had a limit but two. Sunday brought a windy and chilly start for those heading South. It also, made a tougher day since the fishing pressure the day before. Only 3 fish over 5 pounds were brought to the scales, though.
1st Place goes to Joe Alanis with a 29.56 two day total

June at the Delta. Ah, The California Delta, Everyone looks forward to the possibility of a personal best, but even though many had limits within an hour of takeoff, at 1 PM, most were wanting an air conditioner. It was very hot. Like over 97! Without Dan Marshall, we all thought we stood a chance, but the low weights proved wrong. The big girls were in a funk, and any remaining bedding fish were all small. The reaction bite was there but small fish. 14 limits from 23 anglers. No fish over 4 pounds.- The pot grows…..
The YTD Angler race is staying the same and close. Let’s see what the night tourney will do?
1st Place Nick Beck with 12.87 and Big Fish of 3.88.

July Night at McClure. McClure all night…… Had a couple of folks take some well needed naps after the first weigh-in. LOL
Bass were short biting coming off at the boat, not just the normal quick hits, and lots of dinks many anglers reported.
Ferguson Fire just above McClure made the night very Smokey, you could really see it during the dark when you used spotlights and the morning daybreak was very hazy. Without any pre-fishing, even at other bodies of water, ‘Mr. Natural’ shows up to the lake and brings in a bag of 23.30 for 10 fish! Topped by a toad of 7.32, Dan was already in 3rd place by midnight, with just 0.15 lb difference to 1st place with a 4.59 lead!. Congratulations to Dan Marshall!

August at Pine Flat. So, Saturday night, August 25th was our first half-night summer tournament. Hopefully everyone got plenty of rest and not burnt out like the all-nighters. Unfortunately another circuit beat up the water the night before with 10th place even bringing over 8 pounds, but that gave Bill Kunz the pre-fish knowledge to take the win with an impressive 15.88 pounds in 6 hours! By the way he had 15.85 in that one and got 4th!, Way to go Bill!
There were 10 limits with 6 anglers not getting a limit (one left early)

September at the Delta, Catching dinks wasn’t any problem whatsoever, but quality bites, well that’s another story. It was a beautiful day and didn’t have too many wake boats and cruisers wrecking havoc, very enjoyable. Congratulations Roger!
22 anglers, 13 limits.
Roger Lockhart 12.09 and Big Fish 5.24. Again, not the typical fish the Delta is known for.

October 2 day at the Delta. Another tournament in the books. Only A third of the field found fish, and 2/3rds struggled. The water was really clear. Visibility was 7 foot of water. But of those top third, Mark came in with an impressive fish to bring him the win.1st Mark Corrente 29.75 and Big Fish 7.94

November at Mcclure. McClure was on fire, just not the Big Ones LOL. But everyone caught fish, everyone caught limits. Although chilly in the morning, it was a beautiful day. Pre-fishing was off the charts, but on tournament day, the larger fish were in hiding. (didn’t help a tournament on Thursday and another on Saturday pounded the water). There was a real challenge for Angler of the Year between Ron and Roger, But Ron figured out the bite and took the coveted honors! CONGRATULATIONS!1st Ron Red 10.73

December TOC at Mcclure. Roger Lockhart takes the win! (and the cash!)

Note, I had put Mcclure for the 2019 night tourny, but it is Don Pedro

All, the first meeting of the year, originally scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month, falls on January 1st. We have moved it to January Tuesday, January 8th.

If you haven’t paid your dues, make sure to bring them so you can fish our first tournament in January.


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Angler of the Year: Ron Red
Rookie of the year: Matt Kunz
Non-boater if the year: Bill Leavitt
Big Fish of the year: Danny Marshall (9.90 lbs.)

IMPORTANT: See you at the club meeting, Tuesday, January 8th at Denny’s at Blackstone and Herndon, meeting starts at 7 PM. If you will not be there, make sure and get your entry in.

IMPORTANT: Banquet will be held on January 26 at 6 PM at the Belmont Country Club. Members are free, Spouse/Guest are $33.

IMPORTANT: Dues for Next year are still $50, bring your money to the December meeting. Dues are required before the January tournament.