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July Night Tournament at Pine Flat

Hello Fresno Bass Club Members,
Another tournament for the books. It turned out to be a beautiful night under the stars after the early wind died down. Once the sun hit the horizon, it cooled off and that moon was bright enough that you could get by without lights. The bite was real tough, so many of us were glad it was just a 6 hour night tourney. I sure felt better Sunday.

That bite was so tough, only one person mastered a limit, Roger Lockhart! He brought to the scales five fish for 5.71 pounds. Way to figure them out, Roger- Great Job.
2nd place and 3 fish went to Rick Uecker of one of our sponsors, Pro Worms, with 5.43 pounds, He also brought in the big fish of the tournament with 2.87, and third went to Harold Hass, 3 fish, our treasurer with 5.04.

Everyone did a great job taking care of their fish with the low oxygen and 83 degree water, we’ll be able to catch those bass again when they get bigger.
The weigh-in crew moved it along very well, thanks to each of you.

There were technical difficulties with the camera, so we didn't get the winners catch - Sorry Roger....

Next up, Pine Flat for a 6 hour on August 23rd. This time, we start in the morning and work our way into the heat and lake lice, wakeboards, skiers. Ahh, the challenge!
Meeting Tuesday, August 4th – be there or be square…….


Fresno Bass Club Members, Well we wrapped up another tournament. Guess who came out laughing? Why that would be member Ron Armstrong with an impressive 20.50 pounds for first place and 6.47 for big fish! Wow, Ron way to go. This was Ron’s first first!

Only Scott Parsons came close with 17.28 and then the weights dropped to 13.92 for Jesse Perez in 3rd.

First out of the money award and a free tournament entry sponsored by Ed’s Marine is Joe Alanis

Although we had 17 limits of the 27 anglers, there were only 6 fish over 4 pounds!

Next up, July night at Pine Flat on the 25th. Remember no oxygen is produced at night, run those livewells more than you may be used to, add additives, and cool the water. Break out the headlamps……
See ya at the next meeting, Tuesday, July 7th.

We're doing great, averaging 20 boats per tournament!

Last Month:

The first of two Delta’s is now behind us. The weather cooperated with weather that was just plain great. Of course you couldn’t believe the weather forecast, calling for 15 mile per hour winds.

We were forced to change venues due to our chosen lake, New Melones, was down to a dirt ramp requiring 4 wheel drive to launch. The top Basser placed 2nd last month with the big fish, Won March Pedro and Big fish, and also had a big fish on another circuit.

I’d say he’s ON FIRE! 20.09 pounds to be exact!

Walt Austin is the man to look out for at our next Delta gathering in June.
Congratulations Walt.

But even with that great sack, he didn’t bring in the big one. Leave that to his partner, Ron Barksdale to bring in a 7.88!

2nd place was Scott Smith, our Pres with 17.21. Notice the hat? Nuff said….

3rd was ever high placing at this water, Dan Marshall with 16.56

4th was Jesse Perez with 16.47

1st out of the money at fifth place, sponsored by Ed’s Marine, was yours truly. Thanks a bunch!

18 Limits were brought to the scales, and they all were very nice, you had to be in 17th place and below with less than 10 pounds.

See ya all at the next club meeting, be sure to be there to hear how they were caught.



April at Clear Lake

Roy champ Did it!

Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner! Guess who brought in good bags both days at Clear Lake?

Why, That would be Roy Champ! 30.93 pounds. Way to go Roy!

Big Fish was Walt Austin with a huge 8.8 pounder. He’s on a roll!

5th place got First Out of the Money and a free tournament provided by Ed’s Marine.

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Bassmaster’s Top 100 lakes
California Delta
Previous Rankings - 2014: #13 | 2013: #9 | 2012: #8
1,100 square miles
The entire West Coast fishing scene is under duress because of the ongoing drought there. Many lakes that would have traditionally been a shoo-in on this list didn’t make it because they are mostly empty. Yet, the Delta is less affected by the lack of rain and remains one of the best largemouth destinations in the country. Chris Zaldain recently weighed in five fish that went 30-7, one of which was a 12-pounder. You didn’t make the final cut in that tournament unless you had more than 54-7. And Justin Lucas won with 82-14, maintaining almost 20 pounds per day throughout the event.

Clear Lake
Previous Rankings - 2014: #2 | 2013: #3 | 2012: #10
43,785 acres
As goes the hitch (a native baitfish here), so goes the bass. And, luckily for anglers, the hitch have exploded this spring. Proof? A two-day event held in March was won with 62.74 pounds — and the winning angler didn’t catch the big fish (10.59 pounds). There were four 30-plus-pound limits and four bass over 10 pounds. The 15th-place angler weighed in almost 23 pounds a day — and didn’t earn a check.

Lake Havasu
Previous Rankings - 2014: #20 | 2013: #46 | 2012: #33
19,300 acres
Although this lake may be best known for bikini-clad spring breakers, anglers will find the bass fishing here much more titillating. An Elite Series event here in May took almost 70 pounds to win, but the anglers hit immediate postspawn conditions. Winner Aaron Martens says weights likely would have been 10 pounds heavier had the tournament been earlier or later. Plus, both smallmouth and largemouth abound in the Evian-clear waters of this desert beauty.

Lake Berryessa
Previous Rankings - 2014: #22 | 2013: #53 | 2012: N/A
20,700 acres
This may be the most diverse lake on the West Coast, as far as anglers are concerned. You can catch trophy largemouth, spotted bass and smallmouth here. A California Tournament Trail Pro/Am in March proved just how fertile this lake is. One 31.24-pound limit was weighed in, and big bass was a 12.08 largemouth. Plus, you’re fishing in the heart of Napa Valley, so a celebratory glass of vino is easy to find after a grand day of fishing.

Shasta Lake
Previous Rankings - 2014: #32 | 2013: #33 | 2012: #32
30,000 acres
Drought has taken its toll on this Sacramento River fishery. As of this writing, it’s at 70 percent of capacity. That said, it is better off than many other lakes and still very fishable. Actually, the giant spotted bass here may be even easier to target. It took 21.98 to win this year’s Shasta Cascade Bass Anglers Spring Open.

Bullards Bar
Previous Rankings - 2014: N/A | 2013: #37 | 2012: N/A
16 miles long
As of this writing, this spotted bass factory was at 61 percent of pool, which makes it one of the small California lakes that remains fishable. On Feb. 21, the new world record spotted bass was caught here by Lou Ferrante: a 10.95-pound behemoth. Some on the West Coast believe this lake is one of California’s best kept secrets — until now.

Pardee Reservoir
Previous Rankings - 2014: N/A | 2013: N/A | 2012: N/A
2,257 acres
This pristine little drinking water lake is cuddled by the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in northern California. You’ll not see swimmers, skiers or Jet Skis here; human body contact with the water is forbidden. What you will see are giant largemouth and smallmouth, both of which eat trout that have been stocked in the lake. A 9-13 smallie was landed here in 2007.

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